Energy efficiency has never been a hotter topic. There’s the climate emergency and the recent change in building regulations*. And the fact that building or upgrading your home to consume very little energy makes sense, as it means lower fuel bills. So go on, find out all about what heating, insulation and ventilation options are out there to make your home snug as a bug.


See below all the companies specialising in heating, renewables & tech who will be exhibiting at this year’s Selfbuild, Extend & Renovate Live

Bosch Thermotechnology LtdBoschWebsiteHeating and Renewables
Grant Engineering (Ireland)GRANT-2WebsiteHeating and Renewables
Synergie Futureproofing Solutions55yy5Heating and Renewables
FirebirdfirebirdWebsiteHeating and Renewables
Midland RenewablesmidlandHeating and Renewables
Pipelife Ireland Solutions LtdpipelifeWebsiteHeating and Renewables
JFW RenewablesJFWWebsiteHeating and Renewables
European Stoves & FireplaceseuropeanstovesWebsiteHeating and Renewables
ElectriCast electricastWebsiteHeating and Renewables
Green-house RenewablesgtgtgttWebsiteHeating and Renewables
Start SolarStart-SolarWebsiteHeating and Renewables
Eurotech Renewables LtdEurotechWebsiteHeating and Renewables
Next-Gen PowerNextWebsiteHeating and Renewables
Ashgrove RenewablesAshgroveWebsiteHeating and Renewables
Daikin IrelandDaikinWebsiteHeating and Renewables
JK FloorheatingJKWebsiteHeating and Renewables
Apex Spray Foam InsulationApexWebsiteInsulation
ProAir SystemsProAirWebsiteVentilation
Beam Vacuum & VentilationbeamWebsiteVentilation
Aereco LtdaerecoWebsiteVentilation
Dr Air6666WebsiteVentilation
Heat Recovery DirectHeat-RecoveryWebsiteVentilation
Elastochem Spray Foam Insulation irelandElastochemWebsiteInsulation
Euromotive EnergyEuromotiveWebsitePower and Technology
Swift Renewables LtdSwiftWebsiteHeating and Renewables
Win A RetrofitretrofitWebsiteHeating and Renewables
AeroBarrier IrelandaeroWebsiteInsulation
Encom EnergyencomWebsiteHeating and Renewables



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