Olivia Daly


Olivia Daly, Homes Advisor based in Monaghan Branch.
Olivia has over 17 year banking experience, much of which dealing with mortgages. Olivia is a self-build expert dealing with all aspects from ‘Turn Soil to Turn Key’ to ‘Purchase with Renovation’ or simply a ‘Retrofit top-up’ for existing customers. Olivia is a Monaghan native who recently completed her own self-build so can tell the tale from both sides!

15:30 - 16:15

Friday 5th May - Unilin

Helping You Get Mortgage Ready

AIB - We will give short talk on how AIB can support you through mortgage journey- make life easy for the customer.

Over-view of all that AIB has to offer- rates/servcies etc. eg My Mortgage App,
• Talk to us about the mortgage process - what steps are involved?
• Are there certain things banks look for when someone is applying for a mortgage?
• What finance options are available to those who are looking to build a new build home?
• Why choose AIB?
• What are the options for anyone that wants to get in contact with AIB about a mortgage?
• Top 3 tips you would give to someone who is saving for their deposit right now?
• What do all the mortgage terms mean, AIP, LOO etc?