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Clayblock® Thermal Wall Solutions offer a modern method of construction with the traditional reassuring values of clay, an organic and durable substrate that may be combined with numerous products and systems to provide a comfortable living environment with a wide choice of aesthetic finishes. We offer a fully developed system inclusive of supporting lintels, wall ties, mortar, parge coat and a variety of fixings. Both sustainable and eco-friendly the blocks, commonly called Poroton, Porotherm or just Clay Brick across Europe, are more thermally efficient than dense concrete block contributing to a lower U-Value and a high thermal mass which delivers the most optimised living environment that will adapt to seasonal conditions and humidity changes.

Houses built using our Poroton products can easily meet and exceed current building regulations while using proven traditional methods of construction. Our selection of Clayblock® products all carry a BS EN 771-1 standard and the necessary CE certification. The system offered achieves a predicted lifetime of over 150 years. There is virtually no shrinkage and minimal need for movement joints, effectively zero maintenance and they are precision engineered products which results in high quality construction and therefore much happier customers.


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