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Stuart Prause

Stuart Prause

Isocell Ltd


Stuart’s background is in timber manufacturing. He has had an interest in low energy and passive building for more than 10 years. Through his previous work with German Eco Homes, he was involved in some of the pioneering low energy projects in Ireland and the UK, including the first carbon neutral home in Northern Ireland, and some of the early Passive certified house in Ireland. He is Managing Director of Isocell Ltd, a leading manufacturer of Cellulose fibre insulation and air and windtight products


Talk Info

Talk Title: Demystifying airtightness for the non-specialist.

Stuart’s presentation will introduce you to the advantages of building airtight in new build and renovation projects. He will explain how and where unwanted air flow happens, and why this is a negative, for both your health and your wallet. He will explain building physics in simple terms, and how a properly installed airtight layer is crucial to the performance of almost all other elements of your build, including ventilation, windows and insulation. This seminar also explains how to plan and execute an airtight barrier. This is a must for anyone planning a new build or renovation.