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Rory Kelly

Rory Kelly

Rory Kelly Interiors


I am so lucky to love what I do and have been doing it for the past 15 years. After years of studying and working in the fields of advertising, graphic design, marketing and interiors; I then decided to continue studying and focus more on colour and how it effects our moods.

In all aspects of my work colour is extremely important. I am fascinated with how colour affects our lives on a daily basis. Angela Wright who I studied with has been a huge inspiration to me in helping me understand how important colour is, colour has a huge effect on human behaviour so it is important that the colour we choose for our home or workplace are perfect.
I focus on colour in interiors-inside and out. I work with a huge variety of clients ranging from the general public to designers, architects and building contractors, in helping them to perfect colour schemes in both residential and commercial properties.

To create a beautiful colour scheme it is important to get the perfect tint, tone or shade that will make us feel comfortable and happy within our environment that we are spending so much time in -whether it be our home or workplace.


Talk Info

Talk Title: Why to engage an Interior Designer before you build

Like last year I will inform people the importance of window / door choices / sanitary ware / tiles – Internal layouts etc etc etc – Having spent 12 years in the business – I can help people save money by educating them on trends/styles etc –  helping them might the right choices. Making people aware of how to pick things that dont date quickly – Hence saving money if your kitchen/bathrooms  last 20 years and not just 5!  The list is endless really – If you need more information please just ask me.