Michael Donoghue

Daikin Ireland

Daikin’s heat pump sales engineer Michael Donoghue brings years of experience to the industry having worked with both residential and commercial HVAC systems.  Since starting with Daikin in 2021 he has been involved in a range of heat pump projects including new builds and retrofits across both public and private sectors.

12:45 - 13:30

Sunday 19th May - Daikin

Everything you need to know about Air to Water Heat Pumps


Come and see us at the Daikin Theatre to learn all about the benefits of installing an air to water heat pump in your home, whether it’s a new build project or replacing a boiler in your existing home, our experts will explain all you need to know, and why selecting a Daikin air to water heat pump is the best decision you can make to future proof your home.