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BPC Ventilation Ltd

BPC Ventilation Ltd

Due to increased awareness of poor indoor air quality and the affects on our health caused by insulating the walls and ceilings and making our houses more airtight,  BPC Ventilation was started.

Before heat recovery was widely recognised as a total solution in this country we sourced the world’s leading manufacturers and started to supply and install the highest quality systems possible.

It became apparent very soon that the industry had a few problems concerning cost of installation and overall quietness and airtightness of systems. To combat this, we looked at what other countries were doing and discovered that a clear majority of systems were being installed with a manifold system consisting of a crushproof pipe to every room. This was providing a quiet and more efficient system with the added benefit of quick installation time. We had found the perfect solution but still had the issue of cost and although the systems were popular with the home builder looking for quality, the overall cost was much more than the conventional rigid duct system.