Energy efficiency has never been a hotter topic. There’s the climate emergency and the recent change in building regulations*. And the fact that building or upgrading your home to consume very little energy makes sense, as it means lower fuel bills. So go on, find out all about what heating, insulation and ventilation options are out there to make your home snug as a bug.


See below all the companies who will be exhibiting their products and services around
energy efficiency at this year’s Selfbuild Live Belfast 2022

Bassettsdownload-2Heating and RenewablesWEBSITE
Acara ConceptsacaraInsulationWEBSITE
NIE NetworksnihePower and TechnologyWEBSITE
Calor GascalorHeating and RenewablesWEBSITE
Cosy-HeatcosyHeating and RenewablesWEBSITE
Electric Ireland in NI512x512bbHeating and RenewablesWEBSITE
ElectriCast electricast-favHeating and RenewablesWEBSITE
Flogas / DCC EnergyflogasHeating and RenewablesWEBSITE
Floortherm Renewables LtdfloorthermHeating and RenewablesWEBSITE
Future Renewables Energy Systems Ltddownload-2Heating and RenewablesWEBSITE
Grant Engineering (Ireland)GRANT-2Heating and RenewablesWEBSITE
Solar Power NIsolarHeating and RenewablesWEBSITE
Start Solardownload-3Heating and RenewablesWEBSITE
Surge RenewablesSurgeHeating and RenewablesWEBSITE
Warmflow Engineering Co LtdwarmflowHeating and RenewablesWEBSITE
Atbec LtdatbecInsulationWEBSITE
Sheep Wool Insulation LtdsheepwoolInsulationWEBSITE
Xtratherm LtdxtrathermInsulationWEBSITE
Beam Vacuum & VentilationbeamVentilationWEBSITE
BPC Ventilation Ltd1652271001737VentilationWEBSITE
Condensation SolutionscondensationVentilationWEBSITE
Homecare Systems Ltddownload-5VentilationWEBSITE
Strathvac LtdstrathvacVentilationWEBSITE
Internorm Windows UK LtdinternormWindows and DoorsWEBSITE
KSmart Aluminium Door SolutionsksmartWindows and DoorsWEBSITE
Made by MillarmillarWindows and DoorsWEBSITE
Mourne Windows & DoorsmourneWindows and DoorsWEBSITE
Newbridge Joinery LtdnewbridgeWindows and DoorsWEBSITE
Kilbroney Timber Frame LtdkilbroneyBuilding SystemsWEBSITE
Mourne Timberframemourne1Building SystemsWEBSITE
ATS Trusses LtdatsRoofingWEBSITE
Lagan Building Solutions Ltd1620912920629RoofingWEBSITE
Laydex (NI) LtdlaydexRoofingWEBSITE
SIG Irelandf30637ab5a8c6ed508a741757af33968RoofingWEBSITE
Spanish Slate Quarries UK LtdssqRoofingWEBSITE
Tapco Europe LimitedtapcoRoofingWEBSITE
Craftstone 2000 LtdcraftstoneStone and External FinishesWEBSITE
Deerpark StonedeerparkStone and External FinishesWEBSITE
Fernhill Stone Ltd69702909_2384387368310700_1004347350203760640_nStone and External FinishesWEBSITE
Kilwaughter Minerals LtdkrendStone and External FinishesWEBSITE
McMonagle StonemcmonagleStone and External FinishesWEBSITE
Stone SolutionsstoneStone and External FinishesWEBSITE
Heat Recovery DirectHeat-RecoveryVentilationWEBSITE
Aereco LtdAerecoVentilationWEBSITE
Easy Spray Foam Insulation20221005_092202InsulationWEBSITE


See below all the experts who will be speaking about energy efficiency at this years Selfbuild Live Belfast 2022.
You will catch them at one of our theatres.

Gavin Millar

BPC Ventilation

Gerry Sheridan

GMS Insulations

Neil Elliott

Future Renewables

Keith Scully

Grant Engineering

Mark Magennis



Heat Pumps

Underfloor Heating

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