IWOX Premium

 IWOX Premium

Viltra’s IWOX Premium is a 3-stage sewage treatment plant in a two-tank configuration that uses biological processes to effectively treat sewage. It is a highly efficient, reliable and cost-effective solution to sewage disposal for domestic applications where there is no access to a main sewer.

PRODUCT Features & Benefits


– Only one mechanical part (Energy efficient air pump 50-55W).

– Strong and secure access covers.

– One piece mould with no joints below the waterline.

– Rotationally moulded in tough, durable and tank-grade polyethylene for easy and cost-effective

– Unique buffer zone technology.

– Features an external air compressor failure alarm – Which can be fitted anywhere on the premises.

– 2 Years warranty on blow and small parts.


– Very small footprint.

– Manufactured in NI from strong, robust, impact resistant tank-grade polyethylene – unlike alternatives
which are prone to cracking if not handled carefully.

– Can be tailored to suit individual sites.

– Certified for up to 8 people (1,200 litres per day).

– Easily installed due to lightweight material.

– Quiet in operation.

– Extremely low maintenance and running costs; only one mechanical part (Energy efficient air pump

Company: Viltra
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