The finishing touches are what make a house a home, and we’ve got all the advice and inspiration you need to transform the shell into a gem.


See below all the companies specialising in interiors who will be exhibiting at this year’s Selfbuild Live Belfast 2022

Mango CraftsMango-300FurnitureWEBSITE
InterieinterieInternal FinishesWEBSITE
LightsourcelightsourceHome AccessoriesWEBSITE
Tara Crystal ChandelierstaraHome AccessoriesWEBSITE
Biofires Ireland LTD biofireInternal FinishesWEBSITE
CarlantoCarlantoInternal FinishesWEBSITE
Keen M ImportskeenInternal FinishesWEBSITE
Lux Venetian PlasteringluxInternal FinishesWEBSITE
Remarkable Polished ConcreterpcInternal FinishesWEBSITE
PM LightingPM-LightingHome AccessoriesWEBSITE
Amour FlooringAmourInternal FinishesWEBSITE
Wood Innovations Ltd / PergoWoodInternal FinishesWEBSITE
Blakely InteriorsBlakely-InteriorsInterior DesignWEBSITE
DGC Speed Spray271426569_2067645013414200_5369176275993875294_nInternal FinishesWEBSITE
Easyline Laundry ChutesEasylineInternal FinishesWEBSITE
Fabric World Home and Garden Fabric-WorldInterior DesignWEBSITE

Interior design

Interior doors

Hot Tubs

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Interested in exhibiting at our Selfbuild Live events?

With 3 events running throughout the year in Belfast, Dublin & Cork and on average 40,000 visitors in total, this is a great opportunity for a business to be in front of an audience who are actively looking for products & services.