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Sean Doyle & Son

Sean Doyle & Son

What makes Sean Doyle & Sons Ltd unique is our fully-integrated business model. From the raw materials (uPVC, Aluclad, timber, aluminium) up, through every detail of the manufacturing process,we have complete oversight. This means that our windows and doors are a product that we can be proud of and that you can trust.

We are not a clearing house. Our salesmen are carefully trained to help you make the best choice from our products to suit your home. Because of the fact that we manufacture all our own windows and doors, you can be certain that the product you are being sold is one that every person you deal with on your journey to a new part of your home is 100% confident in the product you’re being sold. When you call our offices or speak to our salesmen, you can count on us knowing the products inside out and therefore being better equipped to tailor them to your precise needs and specifications.

When your door or windows are installed, they will be installed by our servicemen. And we’ve trained them in the specifications and needs of our products thoroughly so that the experience of having your windows or doors fitted to your home is as smooth as we make purchasing them. When we’re done fitting your new windows or doors, we won’t leave you a mess to deal with on the other end: we’ll take all our waste with us. And if you need service to adjust things, we guarantee it will be just as seamless and careful as the initial installation.

From looking through the pictures in our brochure to closing your new front door behind us upon the completion of service, you’re in good hands.
Sean Doyle & Sons Windows & Doors: from our family to yours.