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VR – How you can walk around your house before its built

VR – How you can walk around your house before its built

Learn what virtual and augmented reality is and how it can help with all your home needs, from gaging the size of the rooms from 2D plans to picking the perfect kitchen worktop. Virtual and augmented reality provides a new dimension for home makers and can save you money in construction costs as well as helping to get plans past the planning stage. Experience the many uses of these new technologies and how you can incorporate them into your planning and buying, to ensure you get what you truly want.  Ever wondered what that room would look like painted a different colour or how the new sofa would fit in that corner? – VR and AR can make that possible and much more.

Leona is the managing director of Edgeways. She initially came from a software development background, though now focuses solely on new cutting-edge technologies such as virtual and augmented reality.  She started Edgeways herself 2 years ago and has worked on a variety of private/public projects and has a passion for helping the normal person use these new technologies to enhance their life in a cost effect way.
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