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Priorities for a Self Build

Priorities for a Self Build

Eric has consulted on over 950 unique projects for over 950 unique clients. Despite huge diversity of project size, client background, budget and ambition, he has identified four universal priorities in any build. When these are applied and adhered in the correct order they can help every New Builder achieve what they ultimately want: a very comfortable and healthy home with very low running costs for the least capital cost. Eric will share and explain each of these four priorities.

Eric Davidson has a background in insulation, airtightness and renewables.  Ten years ago, Eric identified a need for truly independent advice within the New Build community. He now visits clients all over Ireland and has to date applied this knowledge and learning to over nine hundred and fifty unique projects. His advice is paid for directly and solely by the client. He sells no products and does not receive any commission for any product or tradesperson recommendation.  The result – the client gets a warm, comfortable, healthy home and saves money!

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