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Hard and Soft Landscaping – Getting the Balance Right

Hard and Soft Landscaping – Getting the Balance Right

When designing an outdoor space, it is essential to get the balance right between hard and soft landscaping.  This ensures that your garden combines practicality with year-round colour and interest.  Hard landscaping includes paving, walling and steps while soft landscaping encompasses grass, trees and shrubs.
This seminar will provide advice about making your garden attractive whilst ensuring it is easy to maintain.

Vanessa Drew has been designing gardens for nearly 20 years and has been working with Tobermore for almost 15 of those. A keen gardener – work is her hobby! Vanessa grows her own fruit and vegetables and keeps chickens, goats and bees. She is an advocate of self-sufficiency and holds courses to teach others to do the same in addition to other topics such as gardening, maintenance and beekeeping. Vanessa also has her own farm shop selling goats milk, eggs, jams and preserves.
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