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There’s nothing like getting advice and support from friends and family. The next best thing if you’re building or renovating your home is meeting self-builders who have been through the process and can give you the benefit of hindsight. Two sets of homeowners are at Selfbuild Live to share their experience on a 1-2-1 basis; just put your name down at the clinic on the day to book a 20 minute session. The self-builders will also be participating at the Bootcamp for a Live Panel Discussion.

The projects

Seanua House 

Dan and Jessica Tynan built their home in County Tipperary through direct labour: they hired all of the specialist tradesmen, including blocklayer, electrician and plumber, and did as much as they could themselves from laying floors to painting. They are full of tips and advice if you plan to be hands-on with your self-build project

Cullinane’s Ivy Hill

Brendan and Sarah Cullinane’s Ivy Hill is located just outside Waterford city. It’s set on a 72 acre country estate which the family own. The property was a self build commencing in June 2018 and finished in April 2019 (10 month build time) through direct labour. The house itself was designed to suit its natural surroundings and to compliment Pembrokestown House, their closest neighbour. The couple’s initial idea was styled on an old Georgian farm house, but what they have ended up with has far exceeded all expectations.

Mike & Noelle Moloney

From drawing the split level design to slating the roof Mike and Noelle Moloney were hands on at every stage of their self build in County Clare. With a limited budget and a difficult site, they remember the experience as both trying and rewarding. Even after years of endless decisions and hard graft, they are very honest about still how far from finished they are. But there is one thing they both agree on – the process of seeing their home gradually take shape makes it all worth it!

Read up on the projects

All 3 self-builders have featured in our Selfbuild magazine and have kindly agreed to attend our Selfbuild Live event in Cork to tell their story and offer advice to the visitor. Read about their experience in the magazine to give you an idea of what they built. 

Dan & Jessica’s story is available here in the Selfbuild magazine on P.98, Brendan & Sarah created an Selfbuild Instagram take over and can be found here and Mike & Noelle will be featured in our magazine next year.