Beam Retractable Hose Management System

 Beam Retractable Hose Management System

The Beam Retractable Hose Management System is an alternative to the standard 9 metre cleaning hose supplied with all Beam Central Vacuum Systems. It’s the perfect solution for simple and efficient cleaning.

Company Profile:

Your vacuum cleaning hose is stored in the central vacuum ducting system in the wall of your home. Simply pull out the length of hose required (max 12m) and connect the telescopic wand and one of the floor cleaning attachments and start vacuuming. When finished, retract the hose with the power of the vacuum unit – the hose is automatically stored inside the ducting system behind each inlet.

Features & Benefits

– No need for storage space for your vacuum hose.

– Patented locking system

– only use the length of hose required.

– Suitable for use with a versatile range of cleaning attachments.

– Quick and easy to use

– with a Retractable Hose Management System, your Beam Central Vacuum is always within reach

– for quick everyday clean-ups or to vacuum entire buildings.

Any other information

It’s important that the retractable hose management system is planned early during the build stage. Suitable for use with Beam Serenity Model 398EA, 398EB or Alliance Model 700TC vacuum power units only.

Company: Beam Vacuum & Ventilation