Beam Central Vacuum System

 Beam Central Vacuum System

A Beam Central Vacuum System consists of three main elements: a vacuum power unit, concealed 50mm ducting network throughout the home or building to strategically placed wall inlets and a specialist cleaning hose and accessories.

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As the vacuum power unit is located away from the living area, simply insert the lightweight, crush-proof hose into one of the conveniently placed wall inlets. A switch on the handle of the hose starts the system automatically. All dust, mites, pollen, animal dander and other allergens are removed to the bin of the vacuum power unit (which typically needs emptied 2-3 times per year), leaving the air you breathe completely free of harmful irritants.

A Beam Central Vacuum System is ideal to install alongside a Heat Recovery Ventilation (MVHR) System, where you are assured of clean air, even after vacuuming.

Features & Benefits

– It’s lightweight and easy to use – no heavy vacuum to drag around.

– Clinically proven to provide measurable relief for asthma and allergy sufferers as there’s no recirculated dust or dirty air to breathe.

– Experience quiet cleaning performance – no noisy vacuum motor at the point of cleaning.

– Up to 50% more suction than portable vacuums and compliant with EU directive on power consumption.

– Power on demand – no loss of power or recharging needed.

– Quick clean integrated automatic dustpan for everyday kitchen cleaning.

– No maintenance or bags to buy – simply empty the bin 2-3 times per year.

– Ideal for new homes under construction.

– A Beam system greatly adds to the resale value of your home.

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Ideally installed when a house in under construction, first fixing typically occurs at the same time as electrical work.

Beam systems are also equally as popular in the existing home market, where the vacuum ducting can be concealed with the least amount of disruption.

You can install the system yourself, or an experienced Beam engineer will be happy to install the system for you.

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