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Selfbuild Bootcamp

We’re delighted to announce the launch of the Selfbuild Bootcamp at Selfbuild Live Belfast 2018!

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The full day workshops will equip you with the basic information you need to get started on your home building or home improvement project. It’s an unmissable event for anyone who’s either at the dreaming stage or has just started on their journey.

Why Attend

Building your own house can seem like a daunting prospect and it does have its share of pitfalls. The good news is we’re here to take the stress out of the process.

As seasoned self-builders will attest to, once you’ve done your homework, building or extending your own home is in fact a gratifying experience. So to help you get started we’ve brought together a range of experts to advise you on what the key stages are.

You’ll find the answers to all your questions and will learn a ton more from expert insights and advice.

The workshops will also showcase self-builders who’ve gone through the maze and come out the other end smiling! They’ll be on hand to share how they managed their own home building project and how they dealt with the upheaval.

Who Should Attend

The Selfbuild Bootcamp is for you if:

  • You want to build or extend your own house but don’t know where to start or how to go about it
  • You have a vision of where to go but need help finding a plot or choosing a build route
  • You are confused about planning permission and conditions attached
  • You need help putting together your budget or securing a mortgage
  • You’re confused about what your legal obligations are, including insurance, building regulations, building control and health and safety
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10.30 - Finding a plot and planning permission

Understanding how to secure planning permission will help you choose the right plot to build on. Percolation, drainage and exposure (wind, sun and trees/hedges) are key considerations but also where to locate the house, e.g. in relation to hills and boundaries, and vernacular architecture.

Find out what common conditions are issued by the planners such as sight lines and what your options are if you get turned down.

John Corless

11.15 - House Plan Design

The Selfbuild ‘Resident Construction Expert’ John Corless is back and this time he will be delivering his famous ‘House Plans’ workshop for visitors in Belfast.

Speaker TBC

12.15 - Financing, Budgeting and Insuring your build

The key to the success of a self-build is managing your finances; find out where to start when budgeting your build (with professional help, online budgeting tools, tendering, or directly via builders and tradesmen), how to secure a self-build mortgage and what your obligations are in terms of insurance.

Plus the benefits of warranties which provide oversight during construction and vital explainers on what bills of quantities and PC sums consist of.

Micah Jones

13.15 - Grand Designs Experiences

Micah Jones’ ‘four bedroom supershed’ creation has been his dream since he was handed his first hammer and saw as an eight-year-old. But the 29-year-old said his principal motivation in building his own house so early in his career was to create a larger home for his growing family.

Micah and his wife Elaine spotted the site just outside Ballygowan where they built their home on the Property News website back in 2014. They started the build in 2016.

To add to the challenge, the couple’s third child was born in June, just as they were moving in. Their remarkable story of transforming a dilapidated old agricultural building was featured on the Channel 4 series Grand Designs.  

Speaker TBC

14.15 - Building Methods

Blockwork construction continues to dominate self-builds in Ireland in the form of cavity walls. Find out what it consists of, the latest developments and why it’s such a popular option.

Timber frame construction is quick and pre-fabricated, providing excellent quality control, while modern methods such as Insulating Concrete Formwork are starting to seriously gain momentum.

Speaker TBC

15.00 - Project Management

Following on from the budgeting session, you’ll need to decide how the building phase will be managed – will you hire tradesmen directly and manage the process, hire a professional to do this for you or go with a building contractor to oversee all the work?

This session will provide a clear overview of the entire house building process from start to finish, with pitfalls.

Speaker TBC

15.45 - Building Control, Building regulations and Health and Safety

At the building phase, statutory (mandatory) requirements are in place to ensure your home is quality built in a safe manner. Find out what the key stages are in terms of notifying building control and details on inspections, then get to grips with the key documents that dictate how you can and can’t build (technical booklets and a brief overview of Agrément and CE markings).

Last but not least learn about appointing a health and safety supervisor for the construction and design stages, with corresponding H&S plans.

A Local Grand Design

Selfbuild Live is delighted to welcome local self-builder Micah Jones who has been featured on Channel 4’s Grand Designs

Micah and his wife Elaine spotted the site just outside Ballygowan and started the build in 2016.

Their remarkable story of transforming a dilapidated old agricultural building was featured on the Channel 4 series Grand Designs.  


Kevin McCloud describes the house as…

“One of the finest rural houses I’ve seen: pragmatic, ecological, unpretentious and full of joy.”


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